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My Bliss

By nature I am more of a left-brained person, but I was determined to be balanced by using more of my right brain. As a child, my mother involved us in all kinds of crafts including ceramics, macrame, crocheting, latch hooking, etc. just for the fun of it. The one craft that eluded me was knitting. As an adult, I read books and bought videos with no luck. I thought it was impossible for me to learn until a friend agreed to teach me. The first lesson was three hours.  I learned several ways to cast on, all the basic stitches, and how to cast off.  I thought I was done, but she told me that my homework was to practice all of the stitches for several rows and create a swatch of my progress. During the second lesson, she brought some ruffle yarn and had me begin a scarf that I was supposed to complete by the third lesson.  Knitting with the ruffle yarn was so much easier so I made scarves for my daughter, sister, and a close friend.  But I was not off the hook for regular knitting.  My third and final lesson helped clear up a lot of the confusion about needle knitting.  After the lesson, I made some terrible attempts at scarves and hats for family.  My niece outgrew her hat, but still wears the scarf.  I am determined to get it back from her so there is no record of how bad I started out.  I had to FROG (take apart) so many projects that I started looking for an easier way to knit.  I found Denise at LoomAHat.com and I was in heaven.  I bought some looms and even got my kids involved. We made scarves for them, their teachers, and their bus drivers. I had found a new love and devoured everything I could find on the Internet about it.  As I was searching, I found other crafts that I wanted to explore.  Long story short, this is now my crafting space.















I created Ama Alimayu Designs to share my crafts with the rest of the world and to provide a means for funding the college educations of my children. I look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and purchases.